Sweeney Todd Review

Since I usually don’t watch musicals, I have mixed feelings about Sweeney Todd. I have seen Johnny Depp in a previous musical he did in the John Waters directed 1990 comedymusical, Cry-Baby. I did like that movie and I have always appreciated Johnny Depp’s body of work. He is a really charismatic and gifted performer.

Johnny Depp along with Helena Bonham Carter, Pirelli (Sacha Baron Cohen), Beadle (Timothy Spall), Anthony (Jamie Campbell Bower), Alan Rickman, Jayne Wisener, and Ed Sanders as Toby all do a great job singing the Many songs in Sweeney Todd 2007 variant. eTA for Canada

Johnny Depp is an excellent singer and does have real musical talent because he has had his own rock band in real life and performed with different rock bands such as Aerosmith. A few of the songs do get somewhat tiresome like My Friends, where Depp is singing to his razors. I simply thought that part was a bit silly and drawn out.

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My favourite songs would be the positive sounding Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir sung by young Ed Sanders and his duet with Helena Bonham Carter with the tune Not While I’m Around. She has a rather lovely singing voice. Ed Sanders is very gifted and confident with his acting and singing in Sweeney Todd 2007. Sri Lanka Visa

I’m not knowledgeable about the previous versions of the musical. I’ve just seen this one and can not judge the quality of Sweeney Todd 2007 by comparing it to past versions. It is a fun film occasionally, but it’s a bit too long at close to 2 hrs. The acting for the most part was excellent. e-oman.info



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Alan Rickman was great as normal in this enjoying yet another slimy character. It is pretty awful how Mr.Todd treats Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd and at the end of the movie you are going to eliminate all sympathy for Mr. Todd as his madness consumes him. It was somewhat strange seeing Sacha Baron Cohen doing a non comedic role like this since the Italian Adolfo Pirelli. He seemed somewhat robotic and awkward in his role. I was shocked after I find out Toby ends up being a killer first time that I saw this film.

Tim Burton as a manager frequently adds a black, black, and also a weird touch to the films he sends and Sweeney Todd 2007 is not any different. The cinematography and atmosphere is very dark. Everybody is very light looking wearing Victorian age clothing. The scenes have a grim coloring demonstrating that it was a dark period to call home. Sweeney Todd 2007 includes a great deal of gore and blood. The murder scenes are very brutal and are akin to a slasher horror movie. The blood also squirts all over the area, which is just like the Japanese movie Shogun Assassin. evisa-turkey.info

I was originally attracted to Sweeney Todd 2007 from the actors which are in it like Johnny Depp and Helena Bohnam Carter. Maybe it’s because I generally do not watch musicals and I’m not knowledgeable about the play or the preceding versions of Sweeney Todd.

I was not really interested in the music since most of it is not catchy sing along type material except for the ones that I said I liked. I’d like the dark setting, colors, violence and blood in the film. The movie is also quite slow paced and may use a reduction in length. You’d not watch this film over and over again, but it’s a decent watch on a rainy day. https://visa-kenya.info/

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