Ha Long Bay

Top Travel Destinations In Vietnam

Family holidays in Vietnam

One of the most popular places to go on family holidays in Vietnam. Families usually visit Vietnam during the spring and summer months of their holidays, and many families return yearly for this reason.

The beaches of Vietnam are the main attraction in Vietnam, and tourists love to go there because of the warm weather that it provides, and the excitement of the many beaches that the Vietnamese people have to offer. In this article, you will learn about top travel destinations in Vietnam.

During the summer months, family holidays in Vietnam may start with a trip to Ha Long Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin. This beach is one of the largest and most well-known beaches in Vietnam. When you visit this area, you can watch as the waves crash into the shoreline and roll over the sandbars.

Ha Long Bay

You can also watch as the sun sets and enjoy the beautiful ocean water and beautiful beaches that this area offers.

As the temperatures begin to cool down, families find that they can go on more family holidays in Vietnam. Many family-friendly areas in Vietnam are ready to welcome their guests.

Many of these areas have cafes, restaurants, and hotels that are family-friendly. The prices of hotels in Vietnam are affordable, so most families find that they can spend their holiday relaxing and enjoying the best of Vietnam without spending a fortune.

The best places to visit

Hạ Long is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means it is a must-see. This charming area is located in Quảng Ninh Province.
The place that most families choose to go on family holidays in the region around the Mekong River.

Many cities in Vietnam are well worth visiting if you want to see some of the more colorful sights of Vietnam. These cities include Hue, Danang, and Saigon. You can also travel by train and take a vacation in these cities.

Another popular place to go on family holidays in Vietnam is Hoi An. Hoi An is located in the central part of Vietnam. It’s home to many of the famous temples of Vietnam. It is also home to many luxury villas that are rented out during the colder months.


Families who are interested in a dwelling as their holiday home will not have to spend a great deal of money while staying at a Hoi An villa.

For families that want to see as much of Vietnam as possible, they can enjoy family holidays in Vietnam for three weeks. Many family holidays in Vietnam take place during the summer months when the beach resorts are fully occupied because of the number of tourists who come to Vietnam.

Many of the hotels and resorts in Vietnam have pool areas large enough for large groups to take part in swimming, sunbathing, and other activities. It is essential to make reservations visit these resorts early so that you will be able to enjoy your family holidays in Vietnam.

It is also crucial to make sure that you book a villa or hotel early so that you will have a place to stay in Vietnam. If you do not book ahead of time, you may find that you will be waiting in long lines to get into your accommodation.

E-visa to Vietnam

As you already know, Vietnam is one of the most charming and unique places to see. Fortunately for all travelers interested in visiting the country, it is quite effortless to obtain travel permission called e-visa.

Keep in mind that you cannot cross the borders without issued e-visa. To start with the application process, prepare the necessary documents that you will have to use during the application.

credit card

You will need a scan or a copy of your passport and your formal photo (a digital copy) in passport photography standard, as you will have to attach them to your application.

Fill out an application form and pay the necessary fee using a credit or debit card. E-visa allows you to enter Vietnam for tourist purposes only once and stay for 30 days.

For another visit, you will need to apply again for a new visa. It is a quick and excellent opportunity for all travelers to obtain key documents rapidly and hassle-free.