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What Documents Do I Need To Travel To Myanmar

Flights and hotels in Myanmar

Traveling in Myanmar is a great experience. You can travel across the Myanmar and see what it has to offer. You can visit almost all of the major cities and trek into the mountains, which are really attractive places to visit. If you are planning a vacation in this country, you surely won’t regret it.

What documents do I need to visit the land of Myanmar? Most importantly, a passport and e-visa.
Most of the guesthouses and hotels in Myanmar are not as expensive as you’d expect. There are many hotels and guest houses in Mandalay where you can stay.


These are affordable and are very clean and well furnished. Some of these hotels have a great service that will be a big bonus for your trip. You can get cheap flights to Mandalay from other Asian destinations as well as North America and Europe.

Cheap flights to Mandalay will allow you to save more money as compared to the price of airfare and the hotel accommodation. You can also save by travelling with one of the large tour operators or travel agents.

Many people choose to stay in the cities, in their respective accommodations or hostels. It depends on your comfort and taste, but there are also a few hotels where you can stay for a short period of time. These hotels are generally first class but cost a little more than those in the cities. Make sure that you have your meals there.

Adentures and activities

One of the best options for your adventure is to visit the national parks. The national parks include Yalin, Hpakant, Kyaung U, Kyaung Chaung, Hei Tou and others. You can also visit some beautiful sites of the country, which includes Ohn Myint Nwe and Kyauk Pyu.

The tourists visit the different places in order to explore the beauty of the place. Most of the places are easily accessible from the major tourist places like Yangon, Mandalay, Kyeik, Myitkyina and others.

You can travel in the day time or you can opt for a drive in the night. Tourists also choose to visit ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries.


Monasteries are the places where the monks perform spiritual exercises and healing practices. Monasteries are located in many places of Myanmar. It is an ideal place to stay during your holiday in Myanmar.

The accommodation in such places is not very expensive.
The state of Mon is located near all the temples. The temples are a place where the visitors can visit for meditation and also to pray. The temple stones are made out of copper and bronze and each stone weighs six to seven kilograms. The currency of Myanmar is called the heat.

Basic information about e-visa to Myanmar

E-visa is an electronic document linked to your passport, which you can obtain solely via internet. Application form is attainable online on the website, which makes the process really accessible for everyone.

To proceed with the application, complete the application form and pay a charge. Before you apply, check if your port of entry accepts travel authorization in form of e-visa. Your passport has to be valid during the stay in Myanmar.

passport and money

E-visa is a travel permission meant for events like holidays or business meetings. This is not a work permit. The decision will be sent to you to your email address provided in the application form.

It usually takes up to three days to receive issued e-visa. Print the document before your journey starts and take with you to the airport, you will be asked to show it at Myanmar’s airport.